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The Conscious Life Practices and Psilocybin education I offer in my coaching program
are now available in my new book.

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Psilocybin Assisted Coaching


We move through Trauma to Self-Love by combining Conscious Life Practices with ancient psychedelic medicines to restore our forgotten homeostasis.


I envision a world where physician moms have access to the most advanced mental health options such as Plant Assisted Coaching to heal from personal and occupational trauma.

Conscious Physician Podcast

“Talking with Lida is like talking directly to your soul.”

“Lida creates a safe space that is felt immediately and you find that as you are talking, you are actually revealing things to yourself as much as you are sharing with her… I am filled with gratitude and highly recommend her if you’re searching for guidance and deep healing.”

“My coaching with Dr. Fatemi changed my life. I feel more centered, happier & less reactive. She helped me to create rituals that I have easily incorporated into my daily routine.”
“I sought out Lida’s coaching during a difficult time on my life’s journey and needed a strong female energy to hold my hand and walk me through it with love and compassion. Talking with Lida is like talking directly to your soul.”